Seoul Food & Hotel 2024
11 - 14 June 2024, kintex

Seoul Food & Hotel Culinary Challenge

This event is co-organised by KCA-Korea Chefs Association and endorsed by Worldchefs-World Association of Chefs Societies. As a Worldchefs Endorsed Competition, we use global standards of rules and procedures to achieve a fair and consistent level judging. We are glad to have you at Seoul Food & Hotel Culinary Challenge.

Event Name Seoul Food & Hotel Culinary Challenge
Date 11(Tue) - 14(Fri) June 2024
Venue KINTEX 1
Endorsed by
Sponsor Gold -
Silver -
Bronze -
Competition Categories Class 1 Main Course Meat or Poultry
Class 1-2 Spanish Pork Main Course
Class 2 Main Course Fish or Seafood
Class 3 Modern Asian Main Course
Class 4 Asian Noodles
Class 5 Hot & Cold Pasta Duo
Class 6 Fresh Pasta Master Challenge
Class 7 Creative Korean Japchae
Class 8 Nestlé Professional Modern Chinese WOK Challenge
Class 9 Nestlé Professional Chef Challenge
Class 10 Creative Macaron
Class 11 Fruits & Whipping Cream Icing Cake
Class 12 Tapas / Finger Food (Cold Display)
Class 13 Appetizer (Cold Display)
Class 14 3 Main Courses (Cold Display)
Class 15 Plated Desserts (Patisserie Art Display)
Class 16 Pastry Showpiece (Patisserie Art Display)
Class 17 Artistic Sculpture (Patisserie Art Display)

Culinary Challenge secretariat

  • Tel +82 (0)2 6715 5426
  • E-mail

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Last Event

Date 30(Tue) May - 2 June(Fri) 2023
Venue KINTEX 1, Hall 4
Competition Class
  • Live
    Main Course Meat/Poultry/Game, Spanish Pork Main Course, Main Course Fish/Seafood, East&West Fusion Main Course, Asian Noodles, Pasta Duo, Chinese Wok Fried, Nestle Professional Chef Challenge, Creative Macaron, Ultimate Taste of Choux, Korea Best Sushi Cup - 11 Classes
  • Display
    Tapas/Finger Food, Appetizer, 3 Main Courses, Plated Desserts, Pastry Showpiece, Artistic Sculpture - 6 Classes
  • Chef of the Year 2023 Choi Sanghun (Individual)
  • Best Pastry Chef Hyeonjeong Ju (Seoul Hoseo Technical College)
  • Best Culinary Team Hungkuo Delin University of Technology (Taiwan)
  • and 23 Gold, 58 Silver, 103 Bronze medals