Seoul Food & Hotel 2023
30 May – 2 June 2023, kintex

Enhance your company profile and product awareness by maximising your brand exposure at Seoul Food & Hotel
Seoul Food & Hotel 스폰서십을 통해 참가기업을 효율적으로 홍보하고 브랜드 가치를 극대화하세요.

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2022 Sponsorship Opportunities

Promotion Material

  • Visitor Guide (KR/EN)
    방문객 가이드북(국/영)
    Portable guide book will be distributed to over 50,000 exhibitors and visitors throughout the show.
  • Online Show Directory
    온라인 디렉토리
    The show directory will be distributed ONLINE ONLY, not printed

Indoor Signage

  • Logo at Registration counter
    등록데스크 로고 노출
    Location: Hall Lobby
    Size: 800(w) x 500(h)mm / each logo
  • Hanging Banner
    전시장 천장 배너
    Location: Hall Ceiling
    Size: 3,000(w) x 6,000(h)mm

Outdoor Signage

  • Main Gate
    출입구 랩핑
    Type: Door Wraps
    Size: 920(w) x 700(h)mm
  • Bus Stop
    셔틀버스 정류장
    Type: Full-coloured light box
    Size: 2,000(w) x 2,400(h)mm


  • Lanyard
    방문객 출입증
    Type: Visitor badge lanyard
    Thickness: 20mm

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2022 Sponsorship Opportunities