Seoul Food & Hotel 2021
27 – 30 July 2021, kintex

Food Equipment Hall

Seoul Food & Hotel along with Seoul Food offers a one-stop business platform featuring the most extensive line-up of leading FOODTECH, FOODPACK and HORECATECH suppliers in Korea. This is the top choice for suppliers who are looking to establish their presence or further nurture their business networks with key buyers in Korea.
Seoul Food & Hotel은 국내 유수의 식품기기, 포장기기, 호텔&레스토랑기기 기업이 참가하는 원스톱 비즈니스 플랫폼입니다. 비즈니스 네트워크를 구축하고 업계 내 입지를 굳힐 수 있는 Seoul Food & Hotel에서 여러분의 비즈니스를 시작하세요.

Kitchen & Restaurant Machinery, Coffee Machine, Kitchen Appliances & Furniture, Bakery & Confectionery Equipment and Supplies, Induction Range, Food Service Technology, Ceramic & Dishware, Chef’s uniform
81 Exhibitors & 292 Stands in 2019
Processing Machinery, Food Transportation Equipment, Food Preservation Technology, Food Sanitation Equipment, Food Inspection & Analysis Technology, Food Service System, Safety Floor Tile and Related Items
108 Exhibitors & 440 Stands in 2019
Packaging Machinery, Packaging Materials & Container, Packaging Processing Machinery, Packaging Print Machinery, Cold Chain, Packaging Inspection & Analysis Technology, Packaging Design, Eco-Friendly Packaging, Logistics Service
103 Exhibitors & 341 Stands in 2019

Biz Consulting

To facilitate connections and maximise on exhibitors’ business opportunities for entry into the Korean market, Seoul Food & Hotel provides 1:1 matchmaking between international exhibitors and local buyers.
해외 참가업체들의 한국 식품시장 진출 기회를 극대화하고 비즈니스를 촉진시키기 위해 국내 바이어와의 1:1 매치메이킹 서비스를 제공합니다.

Biz Consulting Center at KINTEX 1
27(Tue) – 30(Fri) July 2021

How to apply?

  • Fill in & Submit the application form
  • Your product information will be provided to qualified local importers and distributors
  • They will select the companies that would like to meet
  • Once it is matched, the onsite meeting schedule will be informed to the exhibitor beforehand
  • Don't be disappointed!
    Even if you are not matched with the buyers, you can consult the local expert about expanding your products in Korean market.
  • 2019 Result
    84 exhibitors were matched with
    37 local buyers and total of
    110 meetings took place for 4 days.


Korea's wine imports totaled a record high US$259 million in 2019, up 6.3% from 2018, and the consistent growth over the past 10 years shows no signs of stopping. In addition to this, the diversity of wines available in Korea is also developing and wines from every corner of the world are now seeing an expanded presence in the Korean market. Seoul Food & Hotel encourages Korea's leading wine buyers, importers and sommeliers to participate, and gives them a platform to interact and learn more about the international wine producers.
2019년 우리나라 와인 수입액은 전년대비 6.3% 증가한 2억 5,900만달러로 사상 최대치를 기록했습니다. 국내 와인시장은 지난 10년간 꾸준한 성장세를 이어왔고 국내에서 세계 각지의 와인을 음미할 수 있는 규모까지 확장되었습니다. 국내 주요 와인 수입사, 도소매업, 소믈리에 등 다양한 와인 산업 관계자가 참여하는 Seoul Food & Hotel에서 해외 와인 생산자와 교류하고 국내시장에 미수입된 와인을 시음할 수 있는 기회를 놓치지 마세요.