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Seoul Food & Hotel 2021 정상 개최 안내

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Date 2021.07.25 Writer 관리자


전시 및 박람회국제회의(컨벤션산업은 기업을 위한 필수 경제활동으로 분류되어 거리두기 4단계까지 전시회 개최가 가능합니다이에 따라 Seoul Food & Hotel 2021는 일정대로 7 27일부터 30일까지 정상 개최됩니다.


Today South Korean government has raised the social distancing level in Seoul and its surrounding metropolitan area to the highest level 4 for two weeks starting 12 July. The trade fairs and exhibitions are classified as essential business activities, it is allowed to hold exhibitions up to social distancing level 4. Therefore, the exhibition will be held as scheduled from 27 to 30 July.


주최사에서는 참가기업 및 참관객의 안전을 위하여 방역 당국과 지방자치단체전시장과 협력해 철저한 방역관리를 통한 성공적인 행사를 개최할 수 있도록 최선을 다하겠습니다.

As the organiser, we are closely aligned with the efforts of the public health authorities and the venue to ensure the health and safety of all the exhibitors and attendees.


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