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57 SFH 2018 - Culinary Challenge(요리경연대회) 공지사항 1 2018-04-02 3812


Notes to competitors to be distributed


Thank you for participating at the 4th Edition of SFH Culinary Challenge 2018


We hope that your efforts will be well rewarded and the results will help you to progress successfully in your career.



Nestle Professional will provide a range of ingredients for you to use in all categories.


Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

You have to bring along all your ingredients.

Make sure you have sufficient for 2 portions.

Take note of the specific time allowed to cook for each category.


Class 8

We will provide 1 steak, 3 eggs and 50g of cheese.

Steak and Omelette to be plated separately.


Class 9

Please note presentation time of each course.


Class 10

Sandwiches to be presented on separate plates.


Class 11

All ingredients to be supplied by participants.


Class 12

Cancelled due to 0 participation


Class 13

Dishes to be displayed by 10am


Class 14

All ingredients to be supplied by team.


Please note that we are using induction stoves and no open flame is allowed !


Good luck


Alan Palmer

Chairman Organising Committee / SFH CC 18


down CC 공지사항_0402.pdf
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